About TUCEE Institute


TUCEE Institute of Counselling and Technology (TICT) was founded by Dr. Cecilia Tutu-Danquah in 2013. The institution was duly registered with the Registrar General Department of Ghana in 2015. The name TUCEE means Transforming our Universe via Counselling, Education and Empowerment. TICT seeks to promote the counselling profession through high quality training and research. TICT is the first institution in Ghana that offers a combination of programmes in Counselling and Technology. Currently, the institution runs its programmes on weekends using the blended learning model where students attend online lectures and face-to-face tutorials. 



Transforming our universe via counselling, education and empowerment.



To become the leading institution that promote professionalism and best practice in counselling practice and integration of technologies in all discipline via quality research, training, practice and advocacy.



We counsel, educate and empower.