Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Framework

This framework provides a guide to the smooth monitoring, accountability and reporting of the activities of TUCEE Organization. The outline for the framework includes; 

• Monitoring and Evaluation 

• Accountability 

• Reporting 

• Recommendation

Monitoring and Evaluation 

TUCEE Organization shall conduct a monitoring and evaluation session(s) on a quarterly basis. Monitoring of determined activities in achieving the overarching action plan(s) shall; 

• Incorporate TUCEE’ specific data collection tool and appropriate methods for monitoring activity progress on a defined period basis (earlier than the quarter or half-year).  

• Have periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) review meetings with stakeholders. 

• Record and maintain an accurate progress report after each review meeting 

• Populate the monitoring and evaluation report on our database 

Evaluation of activities will assist TUCEE to determine performance and relevant changes for success. TUCEE in collaboration with soliciting company shall:  

• Determine baselines for each activity in the  implementation plan  

• Review on a periodic basis using the implementation and monitoring tools to determine performance status.  

• Modify or sustain performance linked activities to assure continuous implementation of project activities 

• Generate any relevant reports and submit to appropriate stakeholders. 


The implementation, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability of activities and successes requires the extensive participation of TUCEE team and stakeholders. All people assigned roles shall be required to:  

• Organise periodic meetings to brief Management of TUCEE on the success, challenges, and status of all assigned activities.  

• Innovate any relevant activities necessary for the success of our programmes 

• Account for and keep  proper records of any activity, material, monetary and humans assigned 

Reporting Implementation  Objective(s):  

• Derive the objective(s) from the project implementation plan 

• Base your objective on the specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time bound.  

General Baseline 

• Baseline should indicate the current status of the objective(s) stated as determined by the project stakeholders General Expected Outcome(s)   

• Provide the expected performance level determined as compliant or a success indicator for the objective(s) stated 

• Indicate your expected target in percentage.  

Stakeholder (s) Consulted 

• Specify stakeholders consulted for the objective(s) 

Monitoring and Evaluation 

Milestones (Timeframe) 

• The milestone can be weekly, monthly, quarterly,  annual or biannual. 

Activity (s)     

• Indicate the activities to be implemented towards achieving the stated objectives. 


• Provide stakeholders in TUCEE and the soliciting institution who will be leading the implementation of the activities in the various project activities 

Actual Results 

• What benefit(s) will yield out of addressing the identified gap(s) between the expected target and the expected outcome? 

• What is the expected change or transformation?

Performance Status 

• Depending on the general expected target(s), indicate the percentage of your achievement.  

Means of Verification 

• Provide evidence required to ascertain the achievement of results including data sources.


Based on your report, observation, self-assessment and among others during the implementation, use the following as a guide to provide a recommendation(s) 

• Were your objectives achieved? 

• If not, what steps are required to get the objectives achieved? 

• What roadblocks or challenges emerged over during the implementation?  

• How can these challenges be avoided in the future? 

• Provide your suggestions and recommendation.